QUESTION: What if I don’t qualify for the other funding programs, Can I pay cash?

At SW Design School, L3C; also known as SW Design School, LLC, we understand that everyone may not meet the qualifications to receive State, Federal, County, or Department of Defense funding. We have affordable payment plans to meet your financial obligation so that you can continue your education.

Please review the options below for the course (s) you are interested in attending:

  • Desktop Publishing & Multimedia Course Payment Plan Option:
  • Deposit of $1500 is due before the course begins.
  • The computer will be shipped to you with log-in credentials for the program once payment and agreements are complete.

The balance must be paid-in-full before the end of 12 weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time) course. The student can make arrangements with an Enrollment Specialist on how to make monthly payments.

  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, Business Start-Up
  • Deposit of $295.00 is due before the course begins.
  • Payments of $100 over the next 5 months are due on the 1st of each month in order for the website to remain active. If the student falls behind on a payment, they MUST contact the office with arrangements to avoid service interruptions. No payments will be due until after 7 months and that will be the monthly hosting of $30 per month.
  • Remedial Math and Reading:
  • Deposit of $500 is due before the course begins.
  • The course is 6 weeks in length, therefore, payments of $133.33 must be made weekly or students will not be able to take final and receive a certificate of completion.