Can you think critically? Do you like solving problems? Can you learn fast and still be ok receiving criticism when you’re wrong? Our apprenticeship programs are providing an opportunity for unemployed and underemployed individuals with an emphasis on increasing the opportunity for youth, women, minorities, and Veterans to enter the information technology workforce.

SW Design School L3C (LLC) is a National Apprenticeship Program governed by the United States Department of Labor.

SW Design School L3C (LLC) has met the requirement to become a VA Apprenticeship and OJT training provider for Veterans in ALL Military Branches.

UPCOMING  COHORT – Check the Main Page Calendar for Upcoming Start Dates.

*SW Design School L3C (LLC) reserves the right to grant credit for previous education and work experience. This will determine the end date to receive DOL Apprenticeship Certification. If credit is not granted, the OJT for the Computer Programmer OR Graphic Design Apprenticeship could end on or before the scheduled date above.


Step One- Watch On-Demand Video

Step Two – Create an account on our secured portal AFTER you watch the ONLINE orientation. Make sure you upload your resume and include any links to projects you’ve completed for other employers. Communicate with your enrollment specialist in the secured chat feature of the portal.  We will NOT contact you if you are not selected. You will receive an employment determination letter in the encrypted portal. 

Step Three – Once selected…Each apprentice will work at a sponsor’s/ partnering employer’s location and they’ll be paired up with a journey worker of mid-and senior-level staff.

If you have the experience, we can hire you DIRECTLY as a journey worker.

A Computer Programmer Journey worker starting pay is: $25 per hour and the Apprentice Wage Progression  Schedule is as follows


Number of
required hours
Rate Increase

Rate Increase

1st 0-1,000 $13.50 50%
2nd 1,001-2,000 $15.00 60%
3rd 2,001-3,000 $17.50 70%
4th 3,001-4,000 $20.00 80%



What if I don’t have any experience coding? Can I still get into the program? Obviously, some experience with technical skills will help, but even if you’re new to web development, you can be part of our program. The application process requires pre-work, which will help us determine the applicants we want – hard work, critical thinking, and problem-solving will get you far.

I created the account. Am I accepted? NO. Please watch the ON-DEMAND ORIENTATION. This will clarify many of your questions.

Will I be compensated during this apprenticeship? Fair is fair, right? We pay our apprentices above minimum wage while they’re learning and working on our clients’ projects. There are opportunities for raises according to the wage progression schedule listed above and how dedicated you are to. It’s a full-time job requiring your full-time attention.

What percentage of students qualify for financial aid and scholarships? Unlike most web development boot camps, we pay you to be part of our apprenticeship program so we don’t offer financial aid. We’re looking for people with dedication and passion – not the biggest check. You may want to connect with your local Career OneStop to assist in funding the Apprenticeship STEM Instructor Training Class IF you lack STEM skills.

QUESTION: What if I don’t qualify for the other funding programs, Can I pay cash?

At SW Design School, L3C; also known as SW Design School, LLC, we understand that everyone may not meet the qualifications to receive State, Federal, County, or Department of Defense funding. We have affordable payment plans to meet your financial obligation so that you can continue your education. Visit our Cost and Fees Page for more details.

QUESTION: I thought Apprenticeship Training was FREE.

To clarify, the training method known as OJT (On-The-Job-Training) is provided within our National Apprenticeship program by the Employer. These are the job requirements needed to gain experience in the industry. However, the Related Instructions component (your certification) is delivered separately through SW Design School L3C (LLC). This Related Instructions training is an integral part of the Apprenticeship Program but is distinct from the OJT portion.

QUESTION: Who pays the Related Instruction Cost? The Apprentice?

For candidates that complete the Pre-Apprenticeship program, the EMPLOYER pays the Related Instruction cost. That cost could range from $8K – $25K per apprentice. SW Design School L3C (LLC) delivers the training but is NOT the employer.

How long is the selection process? Varies.

How is an apprentice selected?

An apprentice must be at least 16 years of age, except where a higher age is required by law, and must be employed to learn an apprenticeable occupation:

  •  There is an educational requirement of A high school diploma or GED equivalency is required if over the age of 19. Applicant must provide an official transcript(s) for high school and post-high school education and training certificate.
  • There is a physical requirement of Applicants must be able to stand for long periods of time. If the applicant is working at a K-12 Coders location, apprentices will have to assist journey workers monitoring children, which typically consists of standing a majority of the time.
  • The following aptitude test(s) may be administered If the participant is a WIOA referral, a TABE test or Assessment may be required from the Workforce Development Board.
  • A valid State issued ID is required.
  • Resume.
  • A web or graphic portfolio is required for skill assessment by the hiring team.
  • Fingerprint, Background, and Drug Testing is a requirement for ALL Apprentices.

1. References =10 pts
2. Attendance and Conduct Records from previous employment and/or school = 10 pts
3. Previous work experience and/or training related to the occupation/ pre-apprenticeship training = 20 pts
4. Once selected, Interview (Interviews will be limited to objective questions that may help determine the interest level of applicants for apprenticeship) = 20 pts
5. Veteran of Military Services = 30 pts
6. Voluntary Services = 10 pts

Qualifying score: 60 pts
Maximum score: 100 pts

The selection of qualified applicants shall be in descending order of points acquired through the above rating system.

What happens to people when they finish the apprenticeship? That depends on the person, their commitment, and the employer partner. After completion of an apprenticeship program, the apprentice earns a nationally recognized credential from the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation that is portable and stackable. This means that other employers in the TECH industry will recognize its value and that the apprentice can build on its foundation to further his or her knowledge and education. SW Design School L3C is a Non-Joint Committee Apprenticeship program–meaning, some apprentices get hired directly by our partnering employers and work for them, and some apprentices become part of the SW Design School Sponsors team. We are opening locations in all 50 States.

To learn more about the pre-apprenticeship Training Class, make sure you register for our Webinar by clicking here. The webinar is ON-DEMAND.

Once you finish watching the webinar, you can get started by clicking on the scrolling “RED” Click To Start Enrollment Process to your “RIGHT” or at the “BOTTOM” of the screen if you are on a mobile device.